Wiring your home for the Future!

Structured Wiring is the “backbone” of your home for integrating and connecting your entertainment and convenience devices.

A Structured Wiring design should be created with a CEDIA professional early in the construction of your new home or addition to ensure you can enjoy the many new devices available without difficult, expensive retrofitting.

  • Network connection in your living room? New receivers, BluRay DVDs, cable boxes and TVs have network connections. This gives you access to music on your computers, content from the internet and special BluRay Live features.
  • Audio/Video connection in your bathroom? Plan for a flat panel TV built into your bathroom wall. Enjoy your favorite show. View the person at the front door or in the driveway.
  • Network connection in your kitchen? New appliances, such as refrigerators, have built in “Control Touch Panels”. Connect to your home network and control many devices, such as lighting, music, television and surveillance cameras.

Today’s wiring is “High Tech”, carrying information up to 1000 million bits per second! Installation requirements are different and much more precise than standard electrical wiring. Crimp the cable in a sharp bend, mash it with a staple, pull it too tight, or run it along with electrical wire and you will have degraded network performance, hum bars, or the video just won’t display. A certified CEDIA professional installer will ensure your home is wired correctly, allowing the performance that each cable and attached device is specified for

Following the latest industry standards from TIA, EIA, NEC, IEEE, and CEDIA, Access Connections will create a wiring plan designed for each living space to accommodate Televisions, Phones, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), Lighting Controls, Computer Networks, Music, Touch Panels and more. All the wiring is “Home Run” to a central location, terminated in a compact Structured Wiring Panel. Once the system is in place it’s a simple task to connect the devices or change the use of the wiring.

Add convenience and value to your home. Wire for the future! Connect and integrate lights, music, video, cameras and networks now and tomorrow.

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