Movie Theater Experience at Home!

A well-designed home theater engulfs you in the moment. You can almost feel the wind from the helicopter rotor as it whirrs over your head. Jump as a twig snaps behind you and breaks the stillness of the forest. Today you can experience a movie with the sound, crisp detail, vivid color and atmosphere as the filmmaker created it, all in your own home.

If you are building a family room, game room or dedicated home theater, the professionals at Access Connections will design and install a theater that will match your desire and budget.

Why design? Home Theater is as different as your personality. A home theater consists of a many well-balanced parts that come together to create the experience and fit your home, style, and use. A home theater system design includes the system components -- Audio Video processor and amplifier, well placed front speakers, surround speakers for sound field depth, subwoofer for impact, a video display and a DVD player. It also includes optimal speaker placement, video calibration, seating, lighting, heating/cooling, sound control and light control via shades or drapes.

There are plenty of options to fit your room, lifestyle, and budget. Speakers range from large towers to wall-mounted or concealed in wall or ceiling. Choose a plasma, LCD flat panel or a projection system. Displays can be concealed by art or drop into floor or ceiling when not in use. Add seating designed for optimal acoustics, listening position and or course, comfort. Complete the room with a simply designed lighting control and automatic room darkening shades. Professionally calibrate the system and conveniently integrate it all on an intuitive remote control.

Whether you are watching a movie with the family or entertaining friends, let Access Connections design the system for you.

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