Video where you want, when you want!

Would you like to:

  • Watch your favorite cable, satellite or off-air TV stations from any room in your house?
  • Connect multiple TV’s from one source?
  • Be able to view Hi Definition Television broadcast from any room while the source is in a central location such as your basement.
  • Watch your TV and be able to view your video camera in the baby’s room or front yard?

Access connections can design your video distribution system to be flexible while maintaining the highest quality of interconnects to view any type of video signal, including High Definition in one or multiple locations. Using a well designed Structured Wiring Backbone, we can design the system to be flexible for future growth and technologies.

Commercial customers will appreciate the designs that allow one set top box to distribute multiple Televisions in High Definition!

Call our trained staff to discuss the best solution to fit your needs.

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Access Connections, Inc

We are retired.  Please contact Cutting Edge of Westford, MA.

They are a full service audio/video/home automation company.