Lighting Control

Never come home to a dark house!

Arrive home, remotely open your garage door and have your lights, inside or outside your home come on at a preset level! Sunset approaching? Have your lights always welcome you and follow the seasonal day.

Access Connections, leaders in Home Integration, can provide you with lighting control solutions to improve your home's security simplify daily routines, save energy and enhance the elegance of your home. No additional wiring. Remove the old switch and install the new. Lighting control pays for itself with increased energy savings.

Improve the way you use your home!

  • Enjoy convenient one-touch control of every light in your home.
  • Enhance the security of your home and simplify daily routines with Scenes. Your security systems activates, have your outside lights flash as your inside lights turn on to 70% for a safe exit.
  • Beautify your home with preset lighting scenes to create the perfect mood for any occasion.

Going green? Save energy and help the environment.

Light level Energy Saved Bulb Life Extended
90% 10% 2 Times
50% 40% 20 Times


All solutions have many choices of colors and styles to blend with any décor.


Need your current network infrastructure upgraded or a new system designed and installed?  We have over 25 years in the networking and computer industry that we can bring to your home or small business. 

Many of today’s entertainment products connect to the internet for gaming, music, movies, widgets and software updates.

We can:

  • Evaluate your current system and develop recommendations.
  • Add to your residential home network so you can take advantage of the new connected devices.
  • Integrate your network to take advantage of Smart Home technologies and entertainment systems.
  • We support residential and small business networks.

Motorized Window Treatments

Push button convenience!

How would you like to:

  • Raise or lower any window treatment in your home with a touch of a button?
  • Have your shades lowered at dusk and raised in the morning automatically?
  • Close your shades or curtains when the sunlight hits a room and reopen when the sun is gone?
  • Darken your Home Theater room from your theater remote?

Access Connections has a variety of motorized window treatment systems, with a large selection of types, styles, and fabrics. Systems can be used as new window treatments or installed as part of an existing window treatment. All systems are ultra quiet and reliable.

Enhance your home with beautiful, convenient window treatment systems.



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