Anne Pelagatti and Bob Gaetz, owners of Access Connections

People trust us to translate the techno-babble into great recommendations for their home. Big project, small project, it doesn’t matter, the approach is the same. It has to fit a person’s budget, space, and lifestyle.

We are “techies” by background having spent over 30 years in the computer industry. We have advanced degrees in engineering and management. It’s in our nature to stay very current on technologies in the audio/video industry. We actually read the manuals! We KNOW this stuff is complicated. There are a lot of parts, a lot of wires, and a lot of marketing hype. But there are some terrific new entertainment vehicles available, convenience products and convergence of media that we all want to take advantage of!

Our biggest kick comes from delivering a system that’s easy to use -- hiding all that complexity from the home owner!

We are meticulous. When we design and install a system we are very careful it’s done right, using the right product set for the application. You don’t care about the bend radius of a wire or the electrical properties of CAT5. You just care that your music and video is clear and crisp.

Our industry credentials include:

  • Electronic Systems Contractor, (ESC) Certification from CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) as Professional Installers.
  • Audio Calibrators Certification from HAA (Home Acoustics Association).
  • Registered Outreach Instructor, providing training and continuing education credits to a number of organizations.
  • Members of AIA ( American Institute of Architects)
  • Member of CEDIA ( Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association)
  • Member of the American Institute of Architects.

We cover all aspects of home entertainment plus comfort, safety, and convenience products. Stop by our showroom and let us show you some of the cool things available to you.

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Access Connections, Inc

We are retired.  Please contact Cutting Edge of Westford, MA.

They are a full service audio/video/home automation company.